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Experimental - Untested Func.
* Clear and reset ggChess (app) data. *
* Play the computer Offline. *

If there is a problem, refresh your browser. If there is still a problem, clear your cache. Some of the tech used, does not work in all browsers on all devices. You can check the status page at status.php.

In some cases, this app can be used offline.

ggChess is built in part on public works. Thanks.
- Greg B., PHP Lic 3.01 -
Server Side Chess Engine
These vector images were created with Inkscape., CC BY-SA 3.0,
White King
Black King
Black Queen
White Queen
White Rook
Black Rook
White Bishop
Black Bishop
White Knight
Black Knight
White Pawn
Black Pawn
- Louis L., MIT -
Web Push Library for PHP
- Austin A., Google, SIL 1.1 -
Menu and Navigation Icons
- Colin J., Custom -
Chess Engine (When Playing the computer.)
- Google, Apache Lic 2.0 -
Account Signin and Authentication
- Google, Unknown -
Client Side Account Authentication
- Additonal thanks to the following creators and contributions. -
The Internet, RedHat - Fedora Linux, Apache Web Server, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Monolog, Graylog2, Most modern web browsers, Bash, git, Composer, GitHub, npm, Vim, Google Domains, Google Console, and many many more bits and pieces.
And thank You, for checking it out!
Contact Information
1 (314) 549-8354
App Information
T. G. Gillispie
(c) 2017